Thermal label printing made easy

Swiftlabel is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to print perfectly formatted Amazon FBA labels to a Thermal printer, every time.

Ship faster with Swiftlabel.

Supported labels

Ship faster, cheaper and easier

Reduce costs

A Thermal printer combined with Swiftlabel will increase profits on day one. By removing the need for expensive paper, ink and lost hours preparing labels, it’s possible to reduce shipping costs from anywhere between 5-30%. 

Reduce costs
Free up more time

Perfect labels

No more snapshotting pdf labels, fiddling with printer settings or trying to learn ancient software. With support for all FBA labels, it takes just 1 click to get crisp, professional looking and perfectly formatted labels, every time.

Amazon FBA integration

We know how difficult it can be to print Amazon FBA labels to a Thermal printer, so that’s why we created our Amazon one click print system which seamlessly integrates into your Amazon seller dashboard. From log in, you’ll be printing labels within seconds.

Easy to use

Sign up today and start printing labels within 30 seconds


One click print

Print straight to your printer from the Amazon Seller Central dashboard or via our drag-and-drop feature on our website.

Supports all labels

Full support for all Amazon FBA FNSKU, shipping and LTL labels along with labels from eBay, UPS, Shopify and many more.

Unbeaten on price

Unmatched on product features and price. You won't find a better priced solution anywhere else.

Easy to use

After signup, you’ll be printing labels for your Amazon FBA store within 30 seconds.

Full printer support

Wide support for all popular thermal printers from Zebra to Dymo.

Label customisation

Add a custom message to your FBA labels, change the label size, add product series separators and much more.

Browser integration

Use our Chrome or Firefox extension to access Swiftlabel anytime, anywhere. Available for both macOS and Windows.

Utility labels

Print handy labels such as “This way up”, “Fragile” or create your own custom one.

Print history

Never lose a print again with full access to past prints.


Get started for free and print up to 150 product and 15 shipping labels each month.

All plans include a 1 month trial of unlimited.




  • 2000 Product labels
  • 200 Shipping labels
  • Browser extension
  • Amazon integration
  • Priority support
  • Print history




  • 12000 Product labels
  • 1200 Shipping labels
  • Browser extension
  • Amazon integration
  • Priority support
  • Print history




  • 25000 Product labels
  • 2500 Shipping labels
  • Browser extension
  • Amazon integration
  • Priority support
  • Print history




  • Unlimited Product labels
  • Unlimited Shipping labels
  • Browser extension
  • Amazon integration
  • Priority support
  • Print history

Swiftlabel in action

1. Getting started

Sign up and install the Swiftlabel browser extension. Next, ensure your Thermal printer is connected and setup.

2. Amazon FBA

Log in to your Amazon FBA dashboard and on any page were you would usually print labels from, you’ll now find a new Swiftlabel button.

3. Convert labels

Any time you click the Swiftlabel button, the labels on the current page will be sent to our servers were they’ll be converted and returned back to your browser perfectly formatted, ready to print. Simply click and print.

That’s all there is to it!

It's really that easy?

It sure is. Shipments that took hours to prepare now only take minutes

Now enjoy the benefits of shipping faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Ready to increase your profits today?